Santa Barbara Voice Academy - Express Yourself Vocal Training

Karen Lytle is a Santa Barbara based voice coach & singing teacher trained in several well known vocal techniques allowing her to work with all levels of singers.

Private Voice Lessons


Private vocal lessons begin with a full hour voice diagnostic/evaluation. After this hour you'll have all the information you'll need to decide if Karen is the Vocal Coach for you. Ongoing private vocal coaching consist of 30 minute weekly appointments integrating the technique into songs. Each week, singing coach Karen Lytle will make a workout recording during your lesson designed specifically for you to improve vocal quality, stamina and flexibility. You'll learn all the essentials: breathing, relaxation, support, projection, placement, resonance, dictation, how to properly warm up, how to increase your vocal range, how to strengthen your voice and general taking care of your instrument.


Performance Class

Meeting one night per week, students perform onstage with professional musicians. Participants enthusiastically go from performers to audience members and from compassionate support group to an amazing critique ensemble. You'll learn all the polish: interpretation/artistry, vocal style, phrasing, belting, improvising, tone control, runs, mic technique and performance skills.

Live Performances

Performance class participants put into practice what they've learned, singing with live musicians 3 or 4 times a year in showcases at local venues. These are high energy, exciting events.


Recording services are available for Demo or EP production with in-studio coaching for tone, pitch and artistic expression.

Recording in a studio is also used to facilitate in depth study of the vocal instrument giving the singer direct feedback and moment to moment analysis of their sound and technique.


Career coaching is available including repertoire selection, building a band, producing a solo artist show, recording an EP and breaking into the industry. Goals are not to be written in stone but are valuable to give us a direction and momentum. Set some goals and miracles happen.


Band workshops teach students how to communicate tempo, style, key, and arrangement to a live band both before the performance as well as conducting the band during a performance.

These workshops are invaluable confidence builders for all levels of singers.

Songwriting workshops teach simple exercises to access your creative writing ability while teaching song structure and melody composition.