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Karen Lytle is a Santa Barbara based voice coach & singing teacher trained in several well known vocal techniques allowing her to work with all levels of singers.



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Santa Barbara Independent - July 31, 2010

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"Karen has been such a joy to work with!  As a complete beginner she made me feel so comfortable and taught me great techniques and exercises to use. Thank you Karen!" -  2015 Multi Grammy-Nominated Engineer on Katy Perry's Album "Prism" - Elliot Lanam, CEO -


Before I started working with Karen, I would strain my voice after every show. Now, from my work with Karen over the past couple of years, I am an entirely new singer. I am a stronger, more confident performer and I never strain my voice. I have expanded my range, increased my power, and found a new tone in my sound that has allowed my song-writing to flourish. I am so thankful to be working with Karen! - Erisy Watt, Singer/Songwriter -


I first came to Karen about 2 years ago struggling with a hoarse singing voice.  i would just shred my voice without even singing loudly so i couldn’t sing very much -  it just hurt.  Since then she’s helped me not only sound better - but sing much healthier.  And by the way, she’s got a great ear, and an awesome personality to work with.  I can’t recommend Karen highly enough she’s great check her out. - Kevin Larson, pro-golfer/singer songwriter


Our 12-year old daughter has worked with Karen for about a year and a half. Karen has helped her develop her voice and embrace her own sound while guiding her from a technical perspective. Most importantly Karen has been encouraging and supportive along the way! - Lisa, Keith and Kathryn


Karen is a vocal coach with the unique ability to customize her teaching method to a student's individual needs. She uses various methods until she finds one that "clicks" with a student and allows that student to understand what she is teaching. This, combined with her positive attitude, makes the learning process both fun and rewarding. - A.


Karen is an incredible voice teacher. Not only does she guide her students to maximize the potential of their voice, she also helps us activate hidden parts of our personality. Karen integrates personal empowerment and self love into her work. She teaches you how to become a performer and to access your own unique style as an artist. She was the first teacher I've had that actually taught me how to properly sing!  I always leave my lessons happy and feeling more connected to myself. My voice has changed in beautiful ways in the time I have worked with Karen!  I would highly recommend doing privates and the vocal performance class! It has changed my life and I am eternally grateful!  - Nicole Morse – Artist/Chef/Healer


Karen takes students of all ages (grade school to 50 and beyond), and all experience levels, and helps them achieve their musical goals. If you're new, you learn the basics of singing quickly. If you have more experience with music she fills in the gaps and gets you ready to perform publicly. The group sessions are where you really learn the nuts and bolts of live performance, getting experience performing in front of an audience (your fellow students) learning all aspects of live music.

Karen's students regularly perform at local venues with professional musicians to showcase the results of their efforts.

Whether your aim is to explore a career in music, scratch that itch to belt out your favorite song, or just to have fun while improving your singing, Karen's individualized instruction will help you achieve your goals, and more. - Joe Auchter, Engineer


Coming to SBVA changed my life. Karen is a wonderful person with a kind soul and a passion for music that permeates through her lessons. She is very compassionate instructor and is understanding to my unique and individual needs. Through working with her for 7 years I've discovered the musical aspect of my soul. I high recommend taking lessons from Karen if you are looking to strengthen your talents. - William Tejeda, Performance Artist


I have had an amazing journey with Karen. From my first meeting with her she was very supportive and inspirational. She coached me in 3 years to be a confident singer and how to have fun on stage. I look forward to many years taking vocal lessons from her.  - Alison Richard


Karen is a real life angel on earth. She has been such an amazing person to work alongside with. Full of knowledge and compassion. Beautiful soul that has added a depth to my life just by being in it. - Meghan Jackson, Artist


"Karen teaches your body, mind and soul how to sing. Give yourself the gift of studying with her!"  - Brandi Redman


"Karen's love of singing, and love for each of us students, creates a space of safety and fun in which we can shine.  The weeks, months, (and years in some cases) of tender and skillful guidance she provides allows growth and realization of what is possible in the art of our singing.  Karen brings forth the best in us, both as people and as singers!  She is a treasure!" - MJ McGrath

"Karen has brought a dimension to our 16 year old daughters life that is very deep and wide.  I should Thank her everyday, and I do in my heart!" - Stephanie C.